(#117) Clean Tech Growth Capital – Without Dilution

Industry: Clean Tech

This VC-backed Commercial Building Power Management Software Provider came to us with seemingly conflicting needs: the company needed cash for expansion — but it did not want to inflict major dilution on existing shareholders. We quickly built three columns of financial strength by:

  1. Enlisting a trusted venture debt lender.
  2. Maximizing cash flow by professionalizing the company’s A/R management.
  3. Implementing a customized Marble Bridge Line of Credit that allowed a manageable scaling down of borrowing from 125% to 85% of A/R over six months.

The company went on to achieve impressive growth for the next year. Marble Bridge itself then paid off the venture debt lender and directly provided funding for an additional year so the company could complete a $7.5M equity raise for its next phase of growth — on its own timetable and with minimal dilution. We continue to be actively engaged with the company.