(#102) Environmental Services Bring in the Green

Industry: Clean Tech

The “clean” in clean-tech does not always extend to the balance sheet.  At least the bank for this environmental testing and consulting company didn’t think so.  The company came to us after its bank said it was breaking its facility covenants — despite the fact that it was profitable, with a bursting new-business pipeline to serve.  Enter Marble Bridge, which ensured that the company could found its growth by:

  1. Completing a transaction within three days to fund payroll.
  2. Financing the company and fueling a 40% growth in revenue in eight months.
  3. Enabling an acquisition at a quantum leap in valuation — well into the mid-seven figures.

Marble Bridge was able to do what the bank could not: provide growth capital despite covenant issues.  The growth enabled a trade sale to a large environmental consulting firm at a very significant premium — and allowed the founder to retire very, very comfortably.