(#57) Precision Design Means Precision Financing

Industry: Manufacturing

This designer and manufacturer of precision semiconductor products showed us an expanding pipeline of new business.  But its bank said the company needed a redesign of its financial profile of operating losses, extreme customer concentration, no LOC and a CRE loan with a blanket lien on all assets.  Marble Bridge implemented a financial redesign by: 

  1. Working with the bank to put in place an Intercreditor agreement for an A/R revolver, allowing the bank to stay in first lien position on certain assets.
  2. Working with the company to lower its cost line based on monthly volume which, in turn, made growth financing not just feasible but attractive.
  3. Implementing a broadened solution utilizing both Marble Bridge’s traditional A/R lending and venture/uncollateralized lending products to fund further growth.

Marble Bridge continues to design and supply a new financial profile the way the company designs and supplies new technology products.  The result is substantial growth — in revenue, profitability and valuation.