(#43) Achieving Lift-Off in the Aerospace Industry

Industry: Manufacturing

Even an esteemed manufacturer of components for satellites can have trouble achieving lift-off. This space tech provider to the U.S. government’s leading aerospace contractors was facing a 14-day countdown before a $1.8M payment deadline with its bank. Over two years, Marble Bridge built second-, third- and fourth-stage booster rockets to make sure the company blasted through the stratosphere by:

  1. Stepping in to ensure the bank’s 14-day payment deadline was met.
  2. Funding the company directly for six months to enable 80% annual revenue growth — and the approval of new bank financing.
  3. Repeating the direct-funding process 18 months later, this time in a strategic initiative with an equipment lender.

Marble Bridge then added a customized Purchase Order / Over Advance financing solution to put the company into an even higher orbit. The initiative led to a strategic partnership that resulted in the company rocketing to a $60M valuation — only two years after it was about to be grounded. test edit