(#79) A Door Opens Wide for Building Materials Company

Industry: Construction

When one door closes, another opens, as the saying goes. Without a $1.3M payment, though, a bank was ready to close the door on one of the market’s most advanced providers of recycled materials for door frames, mouldings and jambs. Despite the company’s pronounced customer concentration — about three-quarters of its business was with one large customer — Marble Bridge recognized immediately that the company had a healthy business pipeline. We swiftly prevented the situation from becoming unhinged by:

  1. Making certain that the $1.3M payment was made on time.
  2. Funding the company directly for an entire year to spark 66% annualized revenue growth — and qualify it for new bank financing.
  3. Combining pre-billings/shipments and A/R in a designed financing package that gave the company optimal flexibility.

Marble Bridge’s ability to look past the short-term issues of payment deadlines, customer concentration made sure that this client was able to take advantage of a window of opportunity without having a door slammed in its face.